Matt Argall – Reveals Plans For A Trailblazing Social Media Monetization Platform

Matt Argall - Reveals Plans For A Trailblazing Social Media Monetization Platform

Matt Argall - Reveals Plans For A Trailblazing Social Media Monetization PlatformMIAMI, FL – In a world where big companies traditionally have an advantage over competitors, Matt Argall, an accomplished entrepreneur and online marketing expert, has designed a social media marketing method that allows small businesses to stand out in a sea of advertising and brand recognition strategies (source: Social media is relatively new compared to more established marketing and advertising platforms like television, newspaper, billboards, radio, and company websites. However, like all media platforms, it has specific and unique benefits, especially when it comes to winning over younger generations of potential customers.

Matt Argall understands that due to its almost instant delivery system combined with relatively low costs, the Internet serves as one of the best marketing resources for new or small businesses. He has vast experience in using the wide reach of the Internet to find the ideal target audience for each and every client. Customers in return can easily track down a business that is presented on the right social media channels and share their discovery with friends, thus further widening the circles a business can access with its marketing message. Realizing that many large organizations are already successfully applying this strategy, while smaller companies are lagging behind, Argall decided to develop a new social media monetization platform geared especially to SMEs (source:

Asked about the motivation behind his latest project Argall explains: “Social media can help any business succeed – big or small. You simply need to understand how it works, and make it work for you.” Together with his IT team he is doing exactly that. No matter whether a client already has a profile on social media sites that needs to be polished and improved, or whether a company has to build an online presence from scratch – Argall is there to help with a perfect combination of savvy marketing advice and in-depth IT knowledge. The result is a well thought out Internet marketing strategy that allows clients to win and maintain loyal followers and thus potential customers.

An entrepreneur at heart, Matt Argall has launched a number of successful companies in a great variety of industries over the last twenty years, from the gas and electricity industry, to a student loan debt consolidation enterprise, to just name a few. Born in California, Matt spent most of his childhood in Canada before he returned to the United States. There, he gained first marketing and business experience at the age of 17, when he worked with a friend to save a dwindling online company, an endeavor that proved to be the beginning of a successful career. Starting at a young age taught Argall the importance of learning and adapting to the changing world of marketing, which is how he got to be at the forefront of social media marketing. Today, he lives in Florida with his wife and son and has turned Miami into his base for business from where he manages all of his projects. In his spare time he enjoys relaxing with his family and is actively engaged in local charities and international non-profit organizations.