Matt Argall – Congratulates On Success In Developing Countries

Matt Argall - Congratulates On Success In Developing Countries

Matt Argall - Congratulates On Success In Developing CountriesMIAMI, FL –, a nonprofit organization that aims to connect those who need financial assistance with those who can provide it, has had recent successes in slowing the spread of poverty in developing countries around the world. Matt Argall, an internationally renowned entrepreneur from Florida, has long been a supporter of causes supporting young adults in disadvantaged societies and was thrilled about the latest success stories Kiva reported. Through his contributions affordable loans could be made available for the purpose of education and entrepreneurial endeavors (source:

Kiva provides education and business loans to people in 73 countries across Africa, Latin America, Asia, and other parts of the world, based on the belief that education is the bridge from poverty to financial success, independence, and the ability to create a better life. Following recent reports of the positive impact the organization has in many developing areas of the world, Matt Argall has started to encourage business partners and clients to support Kiva’s cause, an organization that steps in and makes a difference by connecting lenders with those who simply need an opportunity to borrow and a chance to repay (source: An entrepreneur who has worked his way up from the bottom, Argall knows how important a helping hand and some encouragement can be, and he believes that this is exactly what the ambitious entrepreneurs in developing countries need. Startups range from farmers who need livestock, labor, or fertilizer, to shops that simply need to rent a location for a store to implement their plans and build a thriving business.

As a platform for both financial providers and those in need,’s success would not be possible without the assistance of lenders around the world. “Anyone with access to even a small amount of financial capital can lend through, and 100 percent of the funds lent through the website go towards funding loans,” (source: raves Argall. “And what might seem like a small amount to us can really change somebody else’s life.” Inspired by the incredible change the organization has made in people’s lives, Argall is now planning on establishing a similar program through which young and hopeful entrepreneurs in developing countries can get one step closer to running their own business.

Matt Argall is a lifetime entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 17, when he and his best friend at the time ran a business through EBay, selling and shipping products to customers. He has worked his way through various industries, from phone, gas and electricity, where he employed several hundred in the United States and in the Philippines, to the student loan and music businesses. Argall has been fortunate enough to have mentors that provided him with inside knowledge in the world of business startups, and has been working hard to give some of that knowledge and opportunity to those who need it most. For his next move, Argall hopes to move into other industries, including water filtration, greeting cards, and mortgages. (source: